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Alonzo "Novel" Stevenson

Grammy winning artist, producer and songwriter
(Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, India Arie, David Guetta, Slaughterhouse)

“My family has a deep musical history, so I’ve been in this industry since I was a kid. And out of all these years, I’ve never met a more kind, humble and honest person in this game than Carlton Lynn. That’s rare in this business. I’m forever learning something new around him, he’s the Qui-Gon Jinn to my Obi-Wan.”

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Jasper Cameron

Multi-platinum producer, songwriter and music executive
(Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Keyshia Cole, Lloyd, Lil Wayne)

“Carlton has been a trusted partner with me in all of my music accomplishments, way more important than just an engineer , he knows exactly what I need without any communication, from the recording of the vocals to the mixing of the track , he is a big part of my sound and responsible for recording and mixing some of the biggest songs of my career , without him there’s no me"

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Dallas Austin

Producer, songwriter, entertainment executive, film producer and philanthropist
(TLC, Boyz II Men, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink)

"I’ve worked with Carlton during some of the best moments of my career, he’s not only an amazing engineer but also an amazing person! "

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Andy Mineo

Hip-hop artist, producer, music executive and video director

"Carlton has mixed so many of my projects - including my first gold single “You Can’t Stop Me” - which I recorded on a USB mic. And he STILL found a way to make it sound great. He always takes notes very quickly and makes sure the artists is happy. Highly recommended. "

Monica Arnold 2.webp

Grammy winning artist, actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist

"I've known you for many years and I always enjoyed that your personality matched your work ethic; you're always pleasant and mostly on-time when I wasn't! Amazing engineer!"

Monica Arnold 2.webp
Derek Minor

Hip-hop artist, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist

"Carlton can make your worse songs sound like your best songs… if he’s the one mixing them."

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